Anmeldelser på Voices from Heaven

Her er tilbakemeldinger vi har fått på “Voices from heaven” fra anmeldere over hele verden. Helt fantastisk!

The online music community.

“Syversen is acknowledged as a pioneer in the Northern-European relaxation-healing music community”


Review center. 

“This is an excellent ambient recording, perhaps a masterpiece for healing and relaxation. Highly-recommended for people looking for excellent sounds in this particular community”

Spirit Passages.

“This music is expansive, bright and the second track titled “Voices for Mother Earth” would be very useful for your transfigurative practice. Uplifting and highly recommended”


“His music serves a sanctuary for relaxation, rejuvenation and wellbeing.”

Worlds #1 music forum. 

“A masterpiece of ambient and improvisational sound healing.”


“His music is healing and relaxing. The music also works for meditation and reduces stress, something that we all need.”

Harmony Central.

“If you are looking for soft, relaxing music to take you to another place (heaven? Paradise?) this is the perfect path to walk down.”

Buzz music.

“This music, like everything from Syversen, is healing, meditative, healthful, stress-reducing and peaceful, which accounts for his popularity in the new age music field.”

Bluewolf Reviews. 

“New age music per se has just shifted into another dimension with this wonderful, healing soundscape created through the talents and inspiration of Halonen and Syversen.”

Music and media focus.

“Voices from heaven would make a wonderful soundtrack for meditation, massage, yoga or any type of healing work.”

Midwest records. 

“This is solid audio getaway sounds that isn’t made to crack the top 40, but make to keep you from cracking up. ”


“+5, may be the most innovative album of the year. If you are looking for soft, dreamy, healing music, you have found some here. As easy to swallow as a gelcap, it might just be the perfect antidote for what ails you, inside or out.”